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I am

 I am a spiritual coach and fitness trainer in Los Angeles, CA. I graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies where I also played college football. Following my graduation from South Dakota State, I decided to graduate transfer for my final year of college football and work on my masters in Kinesiology. Through my time playing collegiate football, I learned the ins-and-outs of how to optimally train your body while maximizing my workouts & recovery through elite nutrition. I train on an 80/20 diet with intermittent fasting. My years of meditation has allowed me to develop new skills that I’d love the opportunity to share and progress others in their spirituality. Aside from fitness, I am a music producer with a production company that ranges from vlogs, photography, music videos, brand advertisements, & much more. Our newly improved training programs are open to all ages & we are excited to take on new clients. Train next to the Hollywood Sign!

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